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CR Listing for AMAT [As of 8-17-10]

Ω - Good
α - Ally
† - Bad
N - Neutral
♥ - Had sex

List of Canon CR:

 Character NameRelationshipSummary and Thoughts
Joshua Christopher ([ profile] blessedwithsick)Ω, α, ♥An Apostle, he once acquired for the purpose of calling upon Pandemonium. Raised him for several years and pretty much made him one of the sinners by giving him Chrno's horns. They hold a complex relationship now that he no longer has the horns and thinking straighter without its influence, but the number of years they spent together are still ones unforgettable to both of them. Aion feels he still has the potential to be a strong soldier he once was, if only the human aspect of him didn't get in the way. Despite the past resentment he has with Aion, they are currently working together for a common purpose -- to take down Atia and get off the island.
Fiore ([ profile] maid_of_sin)Ω, α, ♥Aion's doll and Joshua's maid. Once a half demon/half human jewel summoner from Germany, she was at first slayed by Aion and then revived later on to act as a caretaker for Joshua and a limiter to watch over his stability, having orders to kill him if he ever lost himself due to Pandemonium's influence. Her abilities as a Jewel Summoner aided Aion greatly in his battle against the system, creating jewels that sealed a human soul within it to act as a means for survival and to become 'immortal'. She still behaves as Joshua's maid despite his horn loss and genuinely cares for him, which she denies half of the time in order to carry out her role. She understands that she is to be a doll- emotionless and obedient for her master's purpose. Aion is taking advantage of the situation with her arrival in Atia, picking up where he had left off and using her to his disposal.
Genai ([ profile] sinner_genai)Ω, αAion's long time comrade since before the days of escaping Pandemonium. He shares the same ideals of the world as Aion does and also wishes to obtain freedom. He may not agree with the Boss's decisions 100% of the time, especially when it comes to Rizel, but he still remains loyal to the sinners regardless.
Rosette Christopher ([ profile] lostcrusader) [No longer here]A Magdala Order nun and Joshua's sister. The majority of her life was spent searching for Joshua after Aion had recruited him. To her, Aion had taken away her brother and ruined a perfectly happy life she once had. Aion finds amusement in her relationship with Chrno, seeing resemblance to Mary Magdalene, a Saint, the sinners had kidnapped to predict the location of Pandemonium's head amongst other things and Chrno's love interest. Her outburst in seeing the demon in Atia caused a ruckus, all while Joshua slid in to maintain peace between the two. He finds it a shame that she hadn't stayed long enough for him to toy with for entertainment purposes as he finds her quite intriguing as a human girl-- Bold, feisty, and unpredictable.

List of In-Game CR:

 Character NameRelationshipThoughts
Ada Vessalius ([ profile] adoringprefect)N/†, ♥Joshua's girlfriend on the island. The impression Aion gave of himself wasn't the most appealing to the young girl as he surprised Joshua with his sudden visit at his workplace, which threw him off. The uncertain vibe the boy gave of Aion had kept her on the edge though recently, especially with Joshua's move in with Aion, it's settled to one where she could tolerate him. Aion too, sees no threat in her, finding her relationship to Joshua, amusing more than anything. Overall, she's treated with respect within his home as long as she doesn't stick her nose where it doesn't belong.
Chesford Arshes ([ profile] magiccupcakes)One of the residents Aion first interacted upon his arrival in Atia. Cheerful and helpful, he was the one who provided the sinner a place to stay, offering his old room in a hostel for temporary shelter. He has been the one to provide him with casual but useful information. The friendly relationship he has with Joshua also is a plus. On a funny note, Aion had a time when he miss took Arshes as a woman.
Mello ([ profile] cicatrized) [No longer here]Ω, ♥A bartender of Devil's Nest. Aion ran into a sex-swapped Mello during the kink event at his bar. It wasn't long before he learned of his underground dealings and spy work and a working relationship was formulated including even having a little fun on the side while becoming acquainted. It was later on that Aion learned of Mello's true gender. Despite the awkwardness of it, he felt it got the job done at the time, finding it all worthwhile in the end with numerous job opportunities flowing in due to their meeting. The sinner is currently helping with the 'Tea' dealings at Mello's shop.
Reborn ([ profile] fidelizzazione) [No longer here]NA man, who's words on corruption he found interesting. His suave attitude caught the sinner's attention as he is currently trying to pry for more information on who he exactly is.
Yeager([ profile] buyweapons)NThe owner of Scylla's Fang and the man Aion went to in order to get a couple of weapons made for his maid-- a butterfly knife to use during the day and Fiore's Scythe custom-made to be used for future businesses at night. There was something intriguing about him that the sinner believes he'd be of good asset for future dealings as well.
Elphaba Thropp ([ profile] girlbyaccident)N/ΩA witch, who's philosophy on different things he finds interesting. She too was someone he spoke to on his arrival in Atia and has been on occasion checking up on her to see what she's been up to. He finds her company enjoyable and the talks refreshing. She often provides him with different input on how the system works in this world amongst other things. Her recent interest in finding out what death is like in Atia has him intrigued, even offering a hand to make her experience as painless as possible if she were indeed to pursue it.
Ahiru ([ profile] strwbrryquackrs)NA young girl, who had provided Aion with a guide to Atia upon his arrival and a friendly welcome. He finds her interesting after her mention of not having a birth date, an indicator that she wasn't human prior to coming here. But his questioning has lead to put her on the edge with him, assuming she's unsure of how to read him.
Alexiel ([ profile] cagedsanctuary)An angel, who had greeted him due to his relationship with Joshua. The story she heard from Joshua has her keeping a sharp eye on Aion, making sure he no longer isn't using the boy in any ill manner. The sinner finds the woman intriguing, having seen her true nature during a power return event. He knows of what kind of power she holds and what she's capable of, which adds an interesting touch when it comes to wanting to get to know her more. Though her philosophy and opinion of things often clashes with his own, at least at the moment.
Dante ([ profile] know_my_sins) [No longer here]Ω, ♥An alchemist, a researcher, and lover of science, who Aion met in the library after briefly mistaking her for Fiore. Besides having extensive knowledge on various things, her cool and calm nature masking her rather devious side caught his interest, finding it a fun and welcoming challenge. He truly finds it a shame that Atia had taken her before he had a chance to pry her more of useful information and exchanging a mutual deal.
Natalia Kimlasca Lanvaldear ([ profile] stillaprincess) [No longer here]Another bold blonde, who had accused Aion of taking enjoyment from what's happening to others. He enjoyed teasing her, all while she fed onto his bait in order to do so. Needless to say, she isn't very fond of him because of this first impression.
Satan Belial Mad Hatter ([ profile] oldest_trap)N/ΩAn odd individual, Aion met at a third district strip club, where he still has trouble figuring out whether the jester is a he or a she though it's the least of his worries. Hir play on words and the impression sie gave has him fishing to find out more of who this person really is.
Yako Katsuragi ([ profile] detectiveslave)N, ♥A young girl Aion ran into at the library during his first struggle with his collar. Initially forcing himself onto her, they had anonymous sex on the spot, which ended up quite enjoyable for the both of them despite the situation. She still has slight qualm in talking to him, given his nature, but doesn't object to his occasional greeting as he checks to see what she's been up to.
Qualfer Riventzel ([ profile] cantlieto_him) [No longer here]NA boy who had also greeted him at the beginning. Aion's interest in him grew when he observed the boy's abilities during the power return event. Another potential soldier to recruit when the time comes. Despite his rather aloof attitude and dry nature, he finds him worth keeping an eye on.
Jenny Thornton ([ profile] my_only_master)NAn young girl, who's opinions of Atia and how 'unfair' she is with the game they're forced to play had drawn his attention. Her ambition to do something about it and her inquiring of what he intends to do had also added to his interest.
Apollo ([ profile] godtellsnolies)NA young boy, Aion recalled meeting during the 4th wall event, who had claimed to be a God and was now officially on the Island. The sinner finds it amusing that he doesn't remember what they spoke of, using the knowledge to his advantage. A bit too bratty for his taste, he still finds his opinions of Atia amongst other things interesting enough to keep an eye on.
Hanatarou Yamada ([ profile] handle_gently)N, ♥A young boy who offered his assistance during the 7 sins event. Works in the emergency room at the hospital and housecleaning at home, Aion even thought of enlisting the boy in place of his maid during his rage state but all settled in the end. During the heat wave curse, he ran into the boy at a cafe and was given assistance there to curve his urge. He now keeps him in mind in case his assistance is ever needed considering how 'willing' he is to offer it.
Johnny Sfondi ([ profile] greatest_pirate) [No longer here]NAnother citizen of the Island, who had greeted him at the beginning. As far as Aion could tell, the man isn't anything special although his willingness to talk and rather casual nature has the sinner keeping tabs on him for possibly acquiring more information in the future.
Kazutaka Muraki ([ profile] nagasakivampire)NA doctor and a suspect accused of murdering an individual on the Island. The man's unspoken intentions, his attitude, and profession has the sinner keeping an eye out for him to possibly become acquainted in the near future.
Bayonetta ([ profile] witchwalking) [No longer here]NA witch, claiming to be able to summon demons such as himself. Her interesting nun attire and provocative words that followed it had initially caught his attention, finding the woman rather interesting with her bold attitude.
Jeanne ([ profile] witchinred) [No longer here]N/ΩAnother witch, claiming to be able to summon demons. Her distaste for Atia was enough to grab his attention. They're mutual understanding of each other was enough to keep tabs on her. Though unfortunately, Atia had taken her before he had a chance to make any dealings with her.
Tatsuhiro Sato ([ profile] dameningen) [No longer here]N, ♥A Japanese man, the sinner was forced to mate during the cupid event due to Atia's whim. His infatuation with him lead to exploring a realm he had never experienced in his life, drawing conclusions later on that he still prefers women despite either hole doing the trick.

Characters to still add:

Let me know if I've missed anyone or made a mistake on anything! Thanks~<3
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Though her philosophy and opinion of things often clashes with his own.

LMAO. Actually Alexiel's philosophy is VERY ALIKE Aion's (she's an anti system anarchist "traitor" who was obsessed to release someone from the oppression of their God), except about kids and children. If Joshua hadn't been involved in the island and they have met, things would have gone differently.
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Sure, but she's bitchy and guarded because she lurvs Joshua. She's :/ when Joshua told her she sounded like Aion one day.
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Not directly. But... :/
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BB get online :P