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Ω Character Info:

[Character name:] Aion (aka: Sinner Aion, Hornless demon)
[Series:] Chrno Crusade [Manga]
[Age:] Appears to be in his early 20s, but roughly estimated to be around 85.
[Sexuality/Orientation:] According to canon reference, there is one scene that shows him holding a naked woman’s body in Chrno’s dream but there is nothing solid that makes him prefer one sex over another. In the manga, he’s rarely concerned with either sex or any type of relationships for that matter due to his obsession with accomplishing his goal. So overall, I would consider him asexual. But in vol 6 during the flashback, he has teased Chrno about Mary in reference to handling woman so it can be assumed that he has more interest and/or experience with women than men.
[Alliance:] Evil for his own reasons
[Species:] Demon/Devil
[Physical description:]
Adult Form: Tanned skin with long white snowy hair usually tied into a ponytail. Often wears a white suit with vest, a matching colored trench coat, and glasses.
Demon Form: Has an alternative form where he grows wings and ears with a different outfit
Child appearance: Dark hair and pale skin, similar to Chrno.

[Canon Background:]
The main setting of Chrno Crusade takes place in the US during the 1920s. Aion was once part of the demon society, aboard this mothership called "Pandemonium". During his 'refinement' process, he accidentally resonated with the core, accessing forbidden information that even the elder demons were not privileged to know. That's when he found out the 'truth' behind the system. He was so taken by the corruption that he decided to rebel against the society to gain his 'freedom' with five other demons. They managed to behead Pandemonium (core) so that it can be used to find Pandemonium’s weakness and destroy the whole society. They soon became known as traitors; thus called the 'sinners'. The process also tainted his skin and whitened his hair giving him the distinct look he has now. [Spoiler warning:] There are assumptions that there are multiple cores, which explains why Aion was able to obtain a head but not destroy the society as a whole. A core can be reinstated by offering it another dead female human body. One of the humans used to create a core was a woman named Lilith- a pregnant woman who passed away while baring twins- who in actuality is Aion and Chrno's biological mother.

During their escape from Pandemonium, the sinners end up losing the stolen head somewhere in the Grand Canyon region. Thus having to seek the help of a Holy Saint, Mary Magdalene-a foreseer- who Aion orders Chrno to go kidnap from under the protection of the Magdala Order to find the head in haste. She willingly cooperates with the Sinners despite foreseeing her own death and wanting to get to know her supposed murderer, Chrno, eventually growing close to each one during her stay with them. After extensive research is done on the head aboard their own base, Eden, the Sinners including Mary celebrate their breakthrough that night which ends tragic.

Pandemonium's head had begun to regenerate during that time, which allowed her to move and free herself from the test tube she was contained in. She went on a rampage, severely injuring two of the Sinners and emitting a sonic wave that tried to take control of the other sinners via Geas. Mary was able to contain it with her powers, allowing Aion and Chrno to take it out. However, later they find out that Pandemonium had instead slipped into Mary's body for survival during that battle, which ends with Aion ordering Chrno to take off her head to regain the precious information lost. Chrno refuses and ends up losing his horns to Aion-something needed to draw the astral powers to regenerate. They escape from Eden by falling off of it and Chrno managed to stay alive with Mary’s help by forming a contract which involves her sharing her life energy with him. But it wasn't long before Aion finds them and kills Mary in the process before she becomes the next Pandemonium.

Despite their escape to Earth, the Sinners were still far from being free. Pursuers from the Pandemonium were ordered to terminate them on sight. After the incident with the head and the loss of his right-hand man, Chrno, Aion started to formulate an ultimate plan to gain true 'freedom' which involved collecting the 12 apostles, who are capable of controlling the astral line. The power from the astral line is massive enough to poison the core, intoxicating the horned demons and making them lose their intelligence and go berserk; ultimately making them self-destruct. His goal is to destroy Pandemonium and bring a 'rebirth' to the world. Assumptions can also be made that Aion wanted to 'free' his mother from remaining as Pandemonium.

Ambitious and charismatic, Aion has a twisted sense of rationality and refuses to see things in any other way than what he sees fit. Especially when he panics, he has a tendency to go with his instinct and the fastest way to re-gain control. He is often calm and cool, but becomes very excitable at times when things are going smoothly and will taunt his opponents to emphasize his victory. He denies having any emotional feelings or attachments and tends to hide his true feelings well with a poker face. He would do whatever it takes to accomplish what he had nicely planned out and to achieve true 'freedom'- a boundless world where the system doesn't rule the people. He cares for his comrades but would not hesitate to sacrifice them if it meant achieving his ultimate goal. He's taken numerous lives, even Fiore's at one point, so that she can be turned into a 'doll' for his use. There are various parts in the manga that depicts his care for Chrno, though majority of it was trying to convince him to take up his role again as Aion's 'sword' (become his right-hand man). He can be quite the joker, though his jokes and analogies tend to be on the dry or corny side. He also takes pleasure in seeing people in agony and distress, which makes him a bit of a sadist.

[Abilities (Not active in game):]
Aion maintains his demon powers by having Fiore, a jewel summoner, seal his unwilling contractors (humans) into jewels. He has a sword made from his horns along with a jewel holder that has the ability to nullify "demon powers" when used against him. Aion has two forms; regular and demon form. In both forms, he has the ability to regenerate his legions (body cells) by using the power from the astral line (as most demons do), allowing him to recover whole limbs at times. The healing process can be hastened via using the jewels. He can soar the sky high and fire an energy ball from his hand. In demon form, he can transform his arm into a blade and utilize the tail that hangs from under his hair. He is skilled in the use of a sword.

He is able to summon a bald eagle for communication and observation purposes.

Ω Game Play:
[Taken from:] Vol 8; Beginning of ACT 56
[Collar worn:]Simple thin gold collar
[Fourth walling:] Only during designated events by the mods. Anything is fine but I ask that anything pertaining to Pandemonium and his relation to Chrno be placed in a private filter away from other characters.
[Status:] Alive and single
[Living arrangements:] Beach house in second district living with Edel ([info]lostherstrings) Fiore ([info]maid_of_sin) and Genai ([info]sinner_genai)
[Owned establishments:]The Tea Shop, located in the second district

Ω Player Info:
[Name:] KGaara / Yuki
[Personal Journal:][info]kawaii_gaara
[Contact info:]
-AIM: Pluuuuuuue
-Plurk: kawaii_gaara
[Time Zone:] USA: PST
» YES: Open to really anything so just ask if you’re not sure but absolutely nothing from the NO section.
» MAYBE: Ask away~
» NO: Anal penetration with foreign objects, Bestiality, Under-aged sex, Replica sex, Scat, Watersports, Incest
[Pairing preference:] Anything goes but aiming for hetero
[Note:] Please let me know of what rating you prefer. I have a tendency to lean towards the more explicit and so if anyone is uncomfortable with it, I can adjust accordingly. Thank you.

[Disclaimer:] Aion and Chrno Crusade © Moriyama Daisuke

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